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James Bond, Mission: Impossible and The Best of the Rest - covering spy movies from 1935 to the present - uncovering unique elements, interconnections and how real world events impact what goes into spy movies and lots more.

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Dec 29, 2023

A spy, a mole, maybe 2 moles, lots of violence, a love story, and a bit of history twisted and thrown in for good measure. These are some of the things you’ll see in the just-released spy movie, DEVIL: THE BRITISH SECRET AGENT.

So, is this movie worth your time and money?

Tom gives you a no-spoiler look at what...

Dec 19, 2023

What Makes GOLDENEYE a standout James Bond movie? GOLDENEYE came out after a 6-year hiatus for the Eon Productions James Bond movie franchise.  It followed LICENCE TO KILL and introduced us to the fifth actor to take on the role of James Bond.

In this episode, Dan and Tom decode the success of GOLDENEYE. They do this...

Dec 12, 2023

OBLITERATED – A No-Spoiler Review discusses this hot new Netflix spy comedy series.  We liken it to a 1980s teen comedy.  It is raunchy and touches on a few hot topics.  While it isn’t for everyone – is it for you?  It is a spy series at its core!

Is OBLITERATED worth your time?

We’ll give you enough...

Dec 5, 2023

What makes FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE So Good? And how has it stood up to the test of time?

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE has a 97% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Dan and Tom give you 10 reasons why they think this movie is so good.   See if you agree!

Possible reasons: Is it the story?  This was one of Ian Fleming’s...