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James Bond, Jason Bourne, Mission: Impossible and The Best of the Rest - covering spy movies from 1935 to the present - uncovering unique elements, interconnections and how real world events impact what goes into  spy movies and lots more.

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Sep 20, 2022

The GoldenEye Pre-title sequence gives us a new Bond, a huge dam, bungee Jumping, a chemical weapons plant, Russia, and old friend, 006, a motorcycle jump, Sean Bean's streak of bad luck – and yes, a new era of Bond – let’s dive inside the pre–title sequence of the 1995 James Bond movie, GoldenEye!

The jump,...

Sep 13, 2022

Richard Maibaum Papers at the University of Iowa

Richard Maibaum, who wrote many of the James Bond movie screenplays, donated his papers to the University of Iowa. Pete Balestrieri is the curator for Science Fiction and Pop Culture at the University of Iowa Library.

Join Dan and Tom as they have a discussion with...

Aug 23, 2022

James Bond's Licence to Kill Pre-Title Sequence has a wedding, drug lords, shootouts, lover's quarrels, the DEA, helicopters, parachutes, an airplane chase, and the Florida Keys.

UPDATE: Note, the whip that Sanchez uses comes right out of The Hildebrand Rarity - a stingray tail!   And the voice of the DEA agent saying,...

Aug 2, 2022

Celebrating Dr. No's 60th Anniversry

Dr. No's impact on poster art. Here we see James Bond and the Bond Girls from the movie.

Dr. No's impact on the James Bond franchise is tremendous. This movie started the James Bond franchise for movie fans 60 years ago. Additionally, it set the stage for the all of the James Bond movies that followed. It even helped shape future non-Bond spy movies. So, join us...

Jul 12, 2022


Gibraltar! Spies parachuting in! Paint balls! Hedgehogs! Macaques, a chase, a yacht, smiert spionam and . . . a new James Bond! All in the pre-title sequence to THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS!

Join undercover agents Dan, Tom and Vicky as they decode new discoveries and connections!