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Dec 12, 2023

OBLITERATED – A No-Spoiler Review discusses this hot new Netflix spy comedy series.  We liken it to a 1980s teen comedy.  It is raunchy and touches on a few hot topics.  While it isn’t for everyone – is it for you?  It is a spy series at its core!

Is OBLITERATED worth your time?

We’ll give you enough information here to help you decide if you want to watch OBLITERATED.  Will it be worth YOUR time?

Given that this movie is raunchy and hits on a few hot topics, we’ll dig into the areas that some people might not like.  We are certain that a small portion of the population will not like this series.  Why?  That part of the discussion is a warning!  We’ll flag the issues, and if they are a problem for you, move on to the next movie or series.   If not, watch on!

Watch all eight 45-minute episodes.  The series is quite funny and entertaining – maybe!

There is some talent here in the main characters and the actors who play them, and the characters are well developed and work well as a team.

So, while OBLITERATED isn't for everyone, we think many will like it.  “Be in the know” - OBLITERATED is a spy series so you must take a listen!

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What did you think?

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