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Join us as we're Cracking the Code of Spy Movies 

James Bond, Mission: Impossible and The Best of the Rest - covering spy movies from 1935 to the present - uncovering unique elements, interconnections and how real world events impact what goes into spy movies and lots more.

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Feb 22, 2022

Here’s our Spy Movie News for February 22 2022!

Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre, Awards nominations, upcoming spy movies like, Heart of Stone, Cold Sun, The Bricklayer, Kompromat, new streaming spy series, The King’s Man and historical accuracy, and Mission: Impossible 7!

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Feb 12, 2022

NO SPOILERS!   Another Liam Neeson action movie called Blacklight just released.  Is it another sequel to the Taken series? 

Join us as we are Cracking the Code of the movie Blacklight.  We'll answer that question and guide you as to whether it is worth your time. 

Given that this is one of our Quick-Fire Reviews, there...

Feb 8, 2022

The Ipcress File! No, we’re not talking today about the 1965 version with Michael Caine! We are talking about the ITV TV series, The Ipcress File starring Joe Cole – coming in March!

And . . . on December 16 2021, we had the wonderful opportunity to “attend,” via a Zoom meeting, a press briefing for The...

Feb 1, 2022

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Mistaken identities! World travelers! Mystery in the middle east! Secrets told, murder plots, kidnappings, and more – all in THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH!  
Decoding both the 1934 and the1956 versions of this Hitchcock classic spy movie! With special guest, Bill Koenig...