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Dec 5, 2023

What makes FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE So Good? And how has it stood up to the test of time?

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE has a 97% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Dan and Tom give you 10 reasons why they think this movie is so good.   See if you agree!

Possible reasons: Is it the story?  This was one of Ian Fleming’s novels.  How about the acting? Or is it the characters? Could it be the sets? Maybe it is the action sequences?  Or do they just like the fight in the Gypsy camp? Maybe it is all of these and more.

It is an intriguing question as Dan and Tom don’t always agree on the James Bond movies, but this one ... take a listen and see! 

Oh, and how far Trieste is from Venice? And is that ending boat chase viable within the plot?

Take a listen to find out what makes FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE land on so many Top 5 James Bond movie lists. Does it make ours?  “Be in the know” - take a listen now!

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