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Feb 6, 2024

Alfred Hitchcock’s Storyboards with author Tony Lee Moral

Dan and Tom bring back author Tony Lee Moral to discuss his latest book Alfred Hitchcock’s Storyboards. We focus on Hitchcock’s spy movies in today’s discussion. Unquestionably, Hitchcock was notorious for his use of storyboards and his practice has been emulated by many directors. 

We read an advance copy of the book prior to its February 6, 2024, release.  Tony’s book is an excellent look at why Hitchcock used storyboards. He also discusses how Hitchcock used them to set up the filming of the scenes in his movies. He drills into many of Hitchcock’s movies.  In addition, one great aspect of the book is the sheer number of storyboards he includes in the book that Hitchcock used. And the industry tricks of the trade including how those have changed over time with the use of technology.

Another thing we love about this book is that Tony teaches us about making movies. He does this by showing us how Hitchcock did it.  For example, in his discussion on THE 39 STEPS, Tony talks about how TikTok users can use a similar approach to what Hitchcock did to string together a bunch of shorts. We drill into this with Tony in this episode.  It’s a great and fun way to learn.


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