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Sep 22, 2019

Join Tom and Dan as they compare From Russia With Love to real world events and its relationship to other spy movies!  This is Part 2 or a 2 Part show on From Russia With Love.

When Ian Fleming wrote From Russia With Love, the Soviet Union had not yet launched Sputnik, the first satellite ever put into space.

But by October 4th, 1957, Sputnik was successfully launched which began the official space race between the then Soviet Union and the United States – so the subject matter of the film was very much on everyone’s mind worldwide – what will happen in space, and what will tensions between the US and the Soviet Union bring to the world. Another great choice by EON Productions to produce this film in 1963.

From Russia with Love is the second EON Productions entry into the film series and it is an outstanding film. Many choose From Russia With Love as one of their favorite James Bond movies.  And we have to agree – this is definitely is one of our top 5 Bond films ever made by EON Productions because of the screenplay, the cast, and just how well the story unfolds before our eyes. This is top-notch Bond!   James Bond.

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