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Feb 9, 2021

Tom, Dan and Vicky interview a mountain of a man - Terry Mountain who was in two James Bond movies:  On Her Majesty's Secret Service (as Rafael, one of Draco's guys fighting Bond on the beach, and other scenes) and Diamonds are Forever  (one of Blofeld's guards) - as well as 7 episodes of The Saint, and lots more. Great interview with some really great back-stories & behind-the-scenes stories - fun stuff all the way! 


"Loads of little inside stories and nuggets of info from Terry. I'd already heard some of his escapades at one of the SNS meet-ups, but he elaborates further here. And I whole heartedly agree with him, that Lazenby should have done more. I'm also in agreement, that OHMSS soundtrack is one of the best! - Denise

"Terry is obviously genuinely passionate about the world of Bond. He always comes across as being very real and authentic."

“Listened to this earlier. Brilliant to hear the stories especially paying the bill one!” - Nick

See waht we are talking about with Terry, with shots from the movies, on our YouTube channel:

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Terry Mountain is one of the good guys!  Join us!