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Join us as we're Cracking the Code of Spy Movies 

James Bond, Mission: Impossible and The Best of the Rest - covering spy movies from 1935 to the present - uncovering unique elements, interconnections and how real world events impact what goes into spy movies and lots more.

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Dec 6, 2022

No 1 of the Secret Service is a goofy 1977 spy movie that spoofs spy movies, especially the James Bond series.

In their discussion Dan and Tom seek to find the answers to such world-impacting questions as:

  • He used WHAT to shave?
  • Where did we see that actor before?
  • Instead of throwing his hat on the hatrack, No. 1 did what?
  • Where did they come up with the name Charles Bind?
  • Did this movie influence Moonraker?
  • And more...

All totalled, we point out over 17 call-backs to the James Bond movies in this spoof.

Dan and Tom disagree about No 1 of the Secret Service. So, take a listen to see if this is a movie you want to watch. Will it become one of your guilty pleasures?


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