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James Bond, Mission: Impossible and The Best of the Rest - covering spy movies from 1935 to the present - uncovering unique elements, interconnections and how real world events impact what goes into spy movies and lots more.

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Sep 20, 2022

The GoldenEye Pre-title sequence gives us a new Bond, a huge dam, bungee Jumping, a chemical weapons plant, Russia, and old friend, 006, a motorcycle jump, Sean Bean's streak of bad luck – and yes, a new era of Bond – let’s dive inside the pre–title sequence of the 1995 James Bond movie, GoldenEye!

The jump, the luck and fate components of the 00 missions, For England, James! And who is in charge here, 006 or 007?   Record kills, squeaking wheels and the meaning of it all!

Join Dan, Tom and Vicky as they Decode the Pre-Title Sequence to GoldenEye!

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