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Sep 12, 2023

GOLDFINGER - Oddjob Character Spotlight: Today we dig deeply into the character of Oddjob  in GOLDFINGER - superbly and memorably played by Harold Sakata!

GOLDFINGER set the standard for the James Bond formula. Oddjob is a character that must be placed in our Character Spotlight, as Harold Sakata’s portrayal of Oddjob is flawless.

Yes, he's one of the James Bond series most notorious henchman, he doesn't speak, and he'll do anything so support his boss, Auric Goldfinger. So, how does Harold Sakata make sure you, the audience member, knows he's menacing? Sakata's portrayal of Oddjob gives us an excellent example as to how this should be done.

We look at the various expressions Harold Sakata uses in different scenes in GOLDFINGER. In addition, we'll talk through how they gave us the first look at Oddjob. Just like the slow reveal of new James Bond actors or the first time we see Quarrel in Dr. No, Oddjob doesn't just appear on the screen front and center. It is a powerful way to introduce us to this important character.

Plus, we talk about some of the differences between Oddjob's portrayal in the movie GOLDFINGER versus how he's portrayed in Ian Fleming's novel.

Finally, we discuss Harold Sakata's background and why he was a great choice to play Oddjob. And was there a bet involved in helping him get the role?

So, have a listen and you’ll “Be in the Know”. Get up to date on all things spy movies and series.

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So, enjoy our GOLDFINGER - Oddjob Character Spotlight, played by Harold Sakata episode. We’ll continue the series looking at the actors and roles that help shape spy movies and deserve an encore!


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