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Jun 20, 2023

What would it be like to help work on and restore the actual James Bond vehicles used in the movies long before they go the public exhibits and shows, like Bond in Motion?   Well, we were invited to a work weekend to do exactly that!


Dan and Tom recently were privileged to attend the Ian Fleming Foundation work weekend. This is one of the times that the Foundation spends working on its inventory, restoring the vehicles, and having a great time telling James Bond stories. It was a blast!

We’ll take you backstage and let you hear about how they get these vehicles and what they have to do to restore them so we can all see them in exhibits like Bond in Motion.


One of the vehicles we discuss is Goldfinger’s plane.  This is a huge and fascinating restoration job.
Steve Targosz discusses this massive project. Another one was one of the Kenworth trucks from LICENCE TO KILL.  Colin Clark walks us through this one. These are two that they are still restoring so you wouldn’t have seen them in a museum yet.

But, we also saw some vehicles that have been restored that we saw.  Leonard Johnson discusses getting
and restoring the fire engine from A VIEW TO A KILL. Colin Clark walks us through getting the plane Sanchez escapes in from LICENCE TO KILL and what shape it is in.

Plus, we talk about, Zao’s green Jaguar from DIE ANOTHER DAY, the helicopter from FROM RUSSIA WITH
and lots more!

We’ve included audio clips in this episode from the people who make this happen.


We will be releasing a video version of this episode on our YouTube Channel, Cracking the Code of Spy
on June 30, 2023, so you see the videos and vehicles.

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